Second harmonic generation slot waveguide

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We theoretically analyse quasi-phase matched second harmonic generation in a quadratic slot waveguide. Our results show that in this system both fundamental frequency and second harmonic (SH) modes can be confined in a nano-sized low-index region with the mode overlap integral intensity two orders larger than that achieved in the form ... Highly efficient second harmonic generation in hyperbolic ... Sun Y, Zheng Z, Cheng J, Sun G, Qiao G. Highly efficient second harmonic generation (SHG) bridging the mid-infrared (IR) and near-IR wavelengths in a coupled hyperbolic metamaterial waveguide with a nonlinear-polymer-filled nanoscale slot is theoretically investigated. By engineering the geometrical RP Photonics Encyclopedia - frequency doubling, frequency ... Frequency doubling (or second-harmonic generation) is the phenomenon that an input wave in a nonlinear material can generate a wave with twice the optical frequency. Efficient Second Harmonic Generation in 3D Nonlinear ...

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1 -7, Y - - Spatial Frequency Multiplier with Active A frequency multiplier with active linearly tapered slot antennas (LTSAs) has been demonstrated at the second harmonic frequency. In each antenna element, a GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) distributed amplifier is integrated with two LTSAs. The multiplier has a very wide bandwidth and large dynamic range. The

We demonstrate coherent supercontinuum generation (SCG) in a monolithically integrated lithium-niobate waveguide, under the presence of second- and third-order nonlinear effects. We achieve more than two octaves of optical bandwidth in a 0 …

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Coherent Control of High-Harmonic Generation Author: Jonathan Barreaux Supervisors: Dr. Peter van der Slot 2.2 Simple sketch of our setup for HHG using a gas- lled hollow waveguide .10 2.3 High-harmonic spectrum produces using xenon at a pressure of 35 mbar ... as well as for providing me the crystals for second harmonic generation. CiteSeerX — Quadratic Phase Matching in slot waveguides quadratic phase matching slot waveguide second harmonic mode second harmonic generation phase velocity matching second harmonic wide spectral range phase-matched second-harmonic generation pioneering work optical society birefringent phase-matching conversion efficiency spatio-temporal overlap america ocis code non-critical pm state-of-the-art Microfiber-Lithium Niobate on Insulator Hybrid Waveguides