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Harvest Moon DS Cheats, Hints & Secrets for Nintendo DS on here theres some cheats for the game and how to find all of the harvest sprites _____ I actually have a list of codes that takes about 10

Harvest Moon DS FAQ | GamesRadar+ Harvest moon DS is a game that revolves around managing three key resources effectively to work your way ahead in the game.Also, use the casino medal strategies rather than buying medals for the harvest sprites. This will father conserve your funds. Where do I get relax tea?? - Harvest Moon DS Questions for… Cheats » Nintendo DS Cheats » Harvest Moon DS Cheats » Harvest Moon DS Q&A List.I'm correcting them, you get the relax tea LEAVES from the casino for 1,000 medals, you get the pot / steamer (im not sure which to use) from the shopping channel.

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i got all of the card dealers from the sprite casino, but they all do the memory game? how an i play all 3 games? ... Neoseeker Forums » Nintendo DS Games » Harvest Moon DS » Sprite casino, 3 ... Truth Bangle (DS) | The Harvest Moon Wiki | FANDOM powered by ...

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92 Sprites Saved (Max Affection and Skill). Step 1. Save ANY sprite.Note: To save the Harvest Goddess, save another sprite after step 4. OCmodshop.com - Harvest Moon DS Cute Review Also, in the Harvest Sprite Casino the rules for ‘Doubling Down’ have changed, in that the ‘Same’ option in High or Low was removed.Harvest Moon DS is a great, addictive game, whether you play as a boy, or as a girl. All in all, the principles of the game do not change.